DPC Probe holder MH180

Customized gadget for coupling dry-point contact transducers with the inspection object.

The DPC probe holder MH180 is meant for optimal coupling of DPC transducers of S18 series with the surface of inspection object by means of spring-loaded mechanical arrangement. Large footpring of the holder provides normal application of the transducer pin with optimal spring force. The gadget can be recommended for manual ultrasonic measurement for material characterization applications.

The most regular application of single DPC transducers is acquiring ultrasonic signals in through-transmission mode. For obtaining stable readings it is of great importance to provide reproducible coupling conditions with constant pressure of the DPC transducer pin on the surface of inspection object. The main purpose of the MH180 holder is accurate and stable coupling the probe for the most effective ultrasonic wave generation in manual experiments.

The probe holder can be user with following transducer types:

Parameter Value
Spring force, N 3.5
Dimensions, mm 80 x D50
Weight, g 110
  • Shaped footing with integrated outer collar
  • Inner collar liner
  • Coil spring with an adapter-snap
  • Handle cap