Application Software A1410 PULSAR

E-Boosting is a novel feature of the ultrasonic tomograph series A1040 MIRA 3D that allows multiple inspection range extension by means of intelligent transmitter pulse control and advanced digital processing of the received echo-signals.

In some applications of ultrasonic pulse-echo tomography, the achievable inspection range might be limited due to the presence of multi-layered reinforcement or coarse aggregates. Thus, the inspection range of commercially available UT instruments is limited to 2 meters.

ACS has set the goal to significantly extend the inspection range for applying ultrasonic testing on thick-walled objects with a thickness of up to 6 meters and more.

For this purpose, instead of a short monochromatic excitation sequence, a long-modulated excitation sequence is used to excite the ultrasonic waves, which is then extracted again in the received and digitized ultrasonic signal. As a result, a significant improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio and the temporal resolution can be achieved.

The “E-Boosting” function is a part of the delivery volume included in the standard set of A1040 MIRA 3D.

The E-Boosting technique is dedicated to applying for ultrasonic testing of

  • Strongly reinforced concrete objects
  • Dam walls
  • Massive bridge pillars
  • Constructions made of high degree attenuation cements
  • Large retaining walls
  • Thick concrete walls of radioactive waste disposal systems