S7692 – EMUS-Wandler mit Zirkularpolarization

EMAT ultrasonic transducer for transmitting and receiving the ultrasonic shear waves

An electro-magnetic acoustic transducer S7692 for the couplant-free transmitting and receiving ultrasonic shear waves can be used for thickness measurements by A1270 EMAT.

The following ACS instruments can drive the transducer:

Transducer type EMAT
Type of generated wave mode: Shear wave, radial polarization
Nominal frequency 3 MHz
Effective aperture diameter 10 mm
Inspection range 1 to 100 mm
Lift-off / through-coating thickness up to 1 mm
Extended operating temperature range -20 to 60 °C
Overall dimensions: 35x58 mm
Cable length: Up to 3.000 mm
Weight 255 g